Mrs Andrea

Mrs. Andrea

Teacher Assistant

Hi, my name is Mrs. Andrea.  As a parent of a now teenage boy who attended Montessori Center of our Lady, I am very grateful for the lasting impact that his early learning had on his development and future learning. Over the years, I have worked diligently and purposefully to be a good role model and to see that my child and other children learn about independence, responsibility and personal power.

I enjoy observing the children developing their own capabilities, communicating their needs effectively and problem solving with others. I love that they take charge for their own learning and become accountable for their own knowledge and accomplishments.

My favorite childhood memory includes exploring my world outdoors with materials from nature refining my sensory perception and seeking opportunities for imaginative play and exploration.

I am very fortunate to have a cottage on Lake Michigan and love to spend my free time outdoors skiing, swimming, paddle boarding and biking.

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