Born in 1870, Maria Montessori was the first woman granted a medical degree by the University of Rome.  At the age of 28, she was engaged as a medical professional to assess the physical needs of economically and culturally deprived children.  Montessori designed materials and techniques allowing children to work in areas previously considered beyond their capacity and brought children to the same academic level as children who did not face the same challenges.

Through her observation of and work with the children, she discovered their remarkable, almost effortless ability to absorb knowledge from their surroundings.  This simple yet profound discovery inspired Montessori’s decision to further the self-creating process of the child, now known as the Montessori Method.


The Montessori Method

  • Develops and refines the 5 senses and builds the foundation for speech, writing and math
  • Children are able to recognize, correct and learn from mistakes
  • Children encounter the developmental process and learn the love of activity, concentration, self-discipline and joy in accomplishment
  • Teachers look to inspire not instruct
  • Enhances the physical, intellectual, emotional, cognitive and social skills