Dr. Maria Montessori saw life as a continuum – each stage evolving from the preceding one and preparing for the next.  Consequently, the education movement bearing her name is a unique complex of philosophy, educational theory, materials and methods concerned with the total development of the person from birth to maturity.

Our primary purpose is the harmonious development of the whole being.  Our carefully prepared environment provides the conditions and materials to help your child develop their potential spirituality physically, emotionally, intellectually, socially and aesthetically, with emphasis on the spiritual and creative growth of each child.

This approach of self-directed yet guided development is designed to help your child grow in self-confidence, independence, self-discipline, respect for others, the joy of learning, and to do this at his or her own pace.

These elements are utilized according to each child’s capabilities:

  • Language and Emergent Literacy
  • ]Mathematics: counting, decimal system, addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, fractions
  • ]Practical Life: grace and courtesy, food preparation, environmental and personal care
  • Sensorial: weight, texture, sound, size, shape
  • Art: artists, art appreciation and individual creative expression
  • Foreign Language: Spanish
  • Geography and Cultural Diversity
  • Music: vocal, instrumental, dance and rhythmic movements, percussion
  • Physical Activities: indoor and outdoor
  • Religion: Catholic Christian Core Values
  • Sensorial: weight, texture, sound, size, shape
  • Science: botany, zoology